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Dycon Cleantec Co.,Ltd
Dycon Cleantec Co.,Ltd.., is the professional producer for floor scrubber dryer in China, also the member of the ISSA(Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association).Dycon is committed to R&D and producing cleaning equipments, with independent product development capability. We are also accept OEM and ODM product development.Dycon focuses on designing and producing floor scrubber dryer, pay attention to quality. All the machines are designed by our own, the metal chassis is cutting by Laser, which ...
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Latest company case about DY702 Lithium battery portable atomizing sprayer for multinational fight against epidemic situation
DY702 Lithium battery portable atomizing sprayer for multinational fight against epidemic situation


DY702 Lithium battery portable atomizing sprayer for the multinational fight against the epidemic situation DY702 portable sprayer, which has a 7L capacity, uses a lithium battery as a power source, gets rid of the trouble that conventional sprayers need to connect the power supply, is more convenient and flexible, and can participate in on-site rapid disinfection at any time. One battery can work continuously for 60 minutes, and the machine has 2 batteries. It can be used in a single block or in 2 parallel connections.   At present, the machine has been used in many countries such as Russia and Canada, and has been widely praised.   DY702 atomizing sprayer can be used for atomization disinfection under the current epidemic situation. It can be quickly sterilized on the spot in areas with large traffic volumes, epidemic checkpoints, taxis, public transport vehicles, and public places.     DY702 sprayer has smaller atomizing particles and a larger spraying range, so disinfectants can have more residence time in the air. There is no trace of disinfectant on the surface of the body, so it is more efficient and reliable.   The DY702 sprayer can be added to any water disinfectant (as long as all nationally recognized aquatic disinfectants can be used). Disinfectants should be diluted in proportion and directly added to the sprayer. Disinfectants can be sprayed out by a DY702 nebulizer, spray can reach 5-6 meters, aerosolized disinfectants are suspended in the air, so that air disinfection can be achieved in the process, and the surface of the body can also be sterilized. DY702 can be added with 7L disinfectant and sprayed continuously for 90 minutes. The dual battery pack can work continuously for more than 120 minutes with a single charge. The machine can work with a single battery. The charger can directly charge the battery, which is convenient for battery replacement. In order to fight against the virus together, we will give preferential treatment to bulk orders, welcome to consult!
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Dycon Cleantec Co.,Ltd
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We have over 4 years’ experience of working with Dycon. The staff responds quickly to our requests and the price / quality ratio is good.
Our partnership with Dycon goes back a long way and thru many years of ups and downs, we were able to cope up with the market demand.
The level of support we get from both Jessica – Sales Manager – and Linda – Sales Representative – is just great. They are professional !
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