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company news about Precautions for using disinfectant in floor scrubber

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China Dycon Cleantec Co.,Ltd certification
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Company News
Precautions for using disinfectant in floor scrubber

Precautions for using disinfectant in floor scrubber

  1. in order to better achieve the effect of cleaning and disinfection, please try to use a regular brand of disinfectant. When the disinfectant is used in the floor scrubber, the dirt and bacteria can be separated from the floor rapidly under the action of the floor scrubber, and the waste water can be recoved by squeegee, which can keep the floor dry in the fastest time and inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  2. disinfectants shall not be used together with other defoamers and cleaners, alcohol disinfectants shall not be used in floor scrubber.
  3. According to the dilution ratio of different brands of disinfectants, please pour them into the solution tank reasonably (different brands and different standards). Two disinfectants are listed as follows:
    1. 84 disinfectant: 84 disinfectant is corrosive, and the proportion must be controlled. The proportion of 84 disinfectant and water is generally 1:50
    2. Quaternary ammonium salt disinfectant: refers to the disinfectant with chlorine type quaternary ammonium salt and bromine type quaternary ammonium salt as the main bactericidal and effective components, and the ratio with water is generally 1:200

All machines that have used disinfectant must be cleaned in time after use, and cleaning personnel must wear masks when using!

4. properly clean the floor scrubber after work

1) according to the different levels of epidemic situation in the cleaning area, the work after the completion of the work is also different. After the completion of the cleaning work, please discharge sewage at the designated place specified by each area to avoid secondary pollution.


2) after the work of the floor scrubber, it is necessary to wash the machine thoroughly and wipe it dry in time to avoid the growth of bacteria.


3) all kinds of disinfectants have different degrees of influence on the metal parts of the floor scrubber. After each work, wash with clear water. Residual disinfectants may cause corrosion of the metal parts of the machine.

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